Why Is My Furnace Making Spooky Sounds?

Clanking, screeching, and screaming are the stuff of nightmares and haunted houses.

You expect to hear spooky sounds every October. You even may enjoy listening to ghoulish noises. But when your furnace begins to sound like a horror movie soundtrack, it is time to turn down the terror with a heating system tune-up.

At Carrier Colorado, we can help you find the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals you need to turn your noisy furnace into the quiet, efficient workhorse it was meant to be.

We offer a network of factory-authorized dealers that can assist consumers with all their home comfort needs, from indoor air quality (IAQ) to zone control. We also connect businesses with HVAC experts for commercial property services.

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or replacement and installation, our Carrier dealers provide solutions tailored for your home.

Can Maintenance Prevent Scary Furnace Noises?

Maintaining your furnace is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and weird noises. Check our Carrier Colorado directory to select a company with the service plan that best suits your budget and comfort goals.

Most HVAC professionals recommend annual preventative maintenance completed before the heating season starts. During a furnace tune-up, your trusted Carrier Colorado team member will inspect and clean your furnace, diagnose weird sounds, and make necessary repairs.

Poor Airflow Causes Furnace Whistling

In addition to scheduling a furnace checkup, you can ensure the airflow through your heating system is unobstructed by inspecting the air filter every month and changing it when it is dirty. Move furniture and drapes away from air returns and heat vents. Open registers to keep air flowing in your home.

A whistling furnace may have an easy-to-fix problem, such as a clogged air filter. You can repair that problem yourself by replacing the filter. However, whistling also may indicate an air duct leak or a mechanical problem with the blower motor. Ignoring weird furnace sounds could make the underlying problem worse.

What Do These Furnace Noises Mean?

When you hear one of these sounds, it is time to investigate:

  • Squealing: This likely means the blower motor belt is worn or loose and needs adjustment.  Moving parts in your furnace may be dry and need lubrication. 
  • Buzzing or humming: This sound points to a problem with the blower fan. 
  • Bang or boom: This may be the sound of delayed furnace ignition and gas buildup caused by dirty burners. This situation may lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which could cause a dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) leak in your home. You also may hear a boom or rumble when ductwork expands and contracts. Sealing your air ducts and replacing undersized ductwork should resolve the problem. 
  • Rattling: This sound can indicate something as simple as a loose screw or as dangerous as a cracked heat exchanger.  
  • Clicking: Hearing this repeatedly at the start of a heat cycle means you probably have an ignition problem. The flame sensor may be dirty, or a gas valve may be clogged. 
  • Thumping: Check the blower motor. It may be out of balance. 

Resolve Spooky Furnace Sounds & Find a Carrier Dealer Near You

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