zone controls.

Zone Controls

Does your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system struggle to provide adequate heating and cooling to certain areas of your home? Maybe you have an upstairs level that is too hot or too cold.

How are you supposed to get your home feeling just right?

It’s challenging to reach the same comfortable temperature in different areas throughout your home. Your solution is to install a zone control system.

Find the right company to install your zoning system. Carrier Colorado connects you with licensed Carrier HVAC dealers in Southern Colorado, Northern Colorado, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, Denver Metro–West, Denver Metro–East, Denver Metro–North, and Denver Metro–South.

What Is a Zone Control System?

Typically, a single thermostat controls the temperature of the entire home. But what happens when areas of your home are unable to maintain the desired temperature because of hot or cold spots—or a lack of insulation?

That’s where zoning comes in.

A zone control system offers you the ability to control the temperature of specific areas of your home without affecting the temperature anywhere else. You can choose the size of the zone, whether it’s one room or an entire floor! Your Carrier HVAC dealer can help you determine the best zones for your home.

Larger homes with multiple floors or complex layouts benefit from zone controls. Homes with high ceilings, large windows, sliding glass doors, or concrete slab foundations are good candidates. If you set each room as a zone, you never have to worry about one room being hotter or colder than another!

With zone controls, each zone has a thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature to match your specific comfort needs.

Zone Control System Installation and Replacement

Ready to install zone controls in different areas of your home? Let Carrier Colorado connect you with a zone control professional to install your system. Zone controls work with your current ductwork by adding dampers that open and close upon your command.

You set the temperature in each zone through a central control panel. Once installed, you can start taking control of the comfort in your home like never before.

What Are Some Zoning Tips?

Use a programmable thermostat with your zone control system to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Every degree makes a difference—programming your thermostat to match the times you are away from home or asleep will save a significant amount of money and lower the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Zone Control System Repair

Is there a problem with the dampers or control board? If you are concerned about a possible problem with your zoning system, find a Carrier dealer on our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory to help. Our network of qualified Carrier dealers can investigate the issue and offer you a viable solution. With the help of one of our recommended dealers, you’ll enjoy unsurpassed comfort inside your Colorado home in no time.

Zone Control System Maintenance

Keep your zone control system operating without a hitch—don’t miss out on critical maintenance visits. Find the right Carrier dealer on our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory. The HVAC dealers in our network will keep your system operating at optimum efficiency for years to come. Scheduled visits also allow your technician to catch minor problems before they turn into costly, inconvenient repairs.

Will a Zone Control System Lower My Utility Bills?

Zoning is a great way to lower your energy expenses. Creating zones in different areas of your Colorado home removes pressure from your HVAC system because it will not need to cool or heat your entire home so that every room reaches the same temperature.

The biggest benefit, of course, is enhanced comfort.

Find a Carrier Dealer for Zone Control Services

Enjoy optimal control over the many different areas of your home with zone controls. Connect with the best Carrier dealers in Southern Colorado, Northern Colorado, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, Denver Metro–West, Denver Metro–East, Denver Metro–North, and Denver Metro–South. Just take a look at our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory today.