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Ready to connect with nearby experts in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry? Find a Carrier dealer in the Southern Colorado area from our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory to address all of your heating and cooling needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your commercial furnace, boiler, or heat pump? Looking for professional HVAC maintenance? Our Carrier HVAC dealers can take care of any and all the services your home requires!

Air Conditioning (AC) and Cooling

Our Carrier dealers can provide top-quality air conditioning system installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance services. Enjoy the most innovative solutions for your Southern Colorado home.

Are you experiencing uneven cooling in your home or business? We will help you find an HVAC expert who can step in and help.

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Are you looking to upgrade the heating system in your Southern Colorado home? Turn to one of our Carrier dealers who can offer a variety of models and provide expert installation for you. With our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory, finding a trusted Carrier dealer has never been easier.

Not ready for an upgrade yet, but need your current furnace repaired? Have one of our Carrier dealers inspect it for you and get your furnace working again in no time. Our Carrier HVAC experts are prepared to provide any and all of the services you need for a comfortable home.

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Ductless Systems

For the ductless system services you need and can count on, look no further than our Carrier dealers. Our Carrier HVAC dealers offer exceptional installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Rest assured knowing your system will run correctly and efficiently.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)? Find an IAQ expert in Southern Colorado as soon as today with the help of Carrier Colorado. Our directory is composed of the best Carrier HVAC dealers who can cater to all of your indoor comfort needs. Explore air cleaners, ultraviolet (UV) lights, and other products that best suit your particular needs.

Enhancing your indoor air quality helps you breathe easier and focus better. Who wouldn’t want the freshest, cleanest air circulating in their home?

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When it comes to extending the service life of your HVAC system, the best action you could ever take is to opt for routine maintenance.

Stop stressing about where to turn—our Carrier HVAC dealers provide expert maintenance services. Find your dealer today! Enjoy peace of mind and an efficient heating and cooling system all year long. Unexpected costly repairs are reduced or even nonexistent. Have your equipment inspected and taken care of by our Carrier dealers so you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.


Set yourself up for success by ensuring your boiler is in top condition. Whether it’s time for a brand new installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance in Southern Colorado, our Carrier dealers can step in and help.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your boiler is in top condition and prepared to keep you warm inside your home during colder weather.

Commercial Services

Struggling to find a heating and cooling company you can trust for all your commercial service needs? Get connected with the top HVAC dealers in the Southern Colorado region with the help of our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory.

Our Carrier dealers can handle all of your commercial requests, all the way from heating and cooling installation or replacement to repairs and routine preventative maintenance. Connect with knowledgeable and highly skilled experts dedicated to offering you services you can depend on at any time of the year.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Looking for expert geothermal system installation services in Southern Colorado? Is there a problem with your current geothermal heat pump requiring professional repair from a reputable company? No matter what your geothermal heat pump needs are, you can find a top Carrier dealer from our Carrier Colorado Dealer Directory to tackle it all.

Connect with a Carrier HVAC dealer who is equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to ensure your system will remain in optimal condition all throughout the year.

Heat Pumps

Has your heat pump reached the end of its service life? If it’s time for a heat pump replacement, just get in touch with a Carrier dealer in Southern Colorado who will gladly step in to assist.

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your heat pump system. Enjoy lower electric heating and cooling bills with an energy-efficient heat pump.

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Whole-House Humidifiers

Do you have a whole-house humidifier inside your Southern Colorado home yet?

No matter what your needs are, our Carrier dealers are here to help you achieve your desired level of indoor comfort. Speak with one of our Carrier HVAC dealers who can go over the various ways you can control the levels of humidity in your home and remain comfortable every day of the year.

Zone Control Systems

Ready to feel more comfortable than ever while also enjoying a reduction in your heating and cooling expenses? Get in touch with a Carrier HVAC dealer today about zone control system installation in Southern Colorado. Zone control systems are designed to help you control the temperature on different thermostats in different areas of your home.

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