What Is a Dual-Fuel System?

Want all the benefits a heat pump has to offer, plus some backup protection to ensure you never miss out on comfort?

Heat pumps offer an eco-friendly way to keep your home comfortable. They provide heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. They are extremely efficient but may struggle to provide enough warmth during below-freezing weather.

A dual-fuel system is the solution! It pairs your heat pump with a furnace.

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What Is a Dual-Fuel System?

A dual-fuel system—also known as a hybrid heat system—combines the strengths of two heating sources: a heat pump and a furnace. This system is designed to automatically switch between the two heat sources based on the outdoor temperature.

When the weather is milder, your heat pump can be used for efficient heating. When temperatures drop significantly, your furnace will take over to provide reliable warmth. You can optimize your energy use with this dynamic duo!

Benefits of a Dual-Fuel System

Some advantages you can expect from installing a dual-fuel system in your home include:

  • Offers Greater Energy Efficiency: A dual-fuel system maximizes energy savings by utilizing the heat pump’s energy-efficient operation during moderate temperatures and the furnace’s heating power during extreme cold.
  • Helps You Save Money: Depending on your home’s size, you could save over $500 annually on energy costs by setting up a dual-fuel system [LINK: energy.gov], according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).
  • Contributes to a Greener Planet: Heat pumps use electricity to transfer energy rather than generate it, making them more environmentally friendly than fuel-burning appliances. Using your heat pump during moderate temperature days reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Ensures Your Comfort: The system’s automatic switching ensures that you enjoy consistent indoor comfort—no matter how low the temperature is outside.
  • Allows for Versatile Performance: Dual-fuel systems are versatile, offering effective winter heating and efficient summer cooling.
  • Features Smart Technology: Many dual-fuel systems come equipped with advanced controls that optimize the switching between heating sources, ensuring seamless operation.

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A dual-fuel system offers a smart and efficient solution for your home’s heating and cooling needs. With the ability to switch between a heat pump and a furnace as needed, you can enjoy reduced energy expenses, maximum energy efficiency, and consistent comfort.

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