PHI Unit Maintenance, UV Light Installation & UV Light Repair in Denver, CO

Carrier UV lights and PHI units protect the health, cleanliness, and integrity of your home or commercial space.  Designed to target the source of microbial growth, these effective units prevent airborne contaminants and combat a buildup of mold and bacteria within the HVAC system.  You’ll not only breathe easier, but benefit from superior performance, efficiency, capacity, and longevity from essential temperature control equipment.

Reliable UV Lights & PHI Units from Carrier

Carrier’s RGF Guardian Air system successfully reduces viruses and bacteria by 99.9%, killing harmful microbes, and reducing odors.  Silent, well proven, and cost-effective, UV lights and PH Units optimize Indoor Air Quality in any sized commercial or residential space.  At Carrier, we specialize in leading-edge technology and recommend only those qualified professionals who are trained to handle proper installation.  Let us help you find the right choice for your specific needs and goals.

UV Light Installation Throughout Denver, CO and all of Colorado

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